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◆anized with the Conf●ederation of Em●ployers and 〓Industrial■ists in Bulgaria ●and the national t●elecom giant■ Viv

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country〓.Since 2013, invest〓ment proje●cts worth o■ver 1.049 billion■ U.S. doll●ars have been imp●lemented i●n these

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areas,● and over 7,400 j〓obs have b◆een created,● Karanikolov 〓said.The

presenc○e in Bulga●ria of such a ◆global company 〓like Huawei, ●spoke well for the ●country's poli◆cies, he ad○ded.Chinese Ambassad〓or to Bulgaria Z◆hang Haizhou, who ◆also attended the e◆vent, said it marke●d the beginning〓

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of a new stage in● the developme■nt of cloud tech◆nologies in Bu○lgaria. Hua■wei Technologies has● been present ●in

ader of the EU

Bulgaria◆ since 2004, and ha●s been a major s〓upplier for the● telecom market in○ the country.Plea●se scan the ◆QR Co

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de to follow ○us on InstagramPl◆ease scan the◆ QR Code to follo◆w us on WechatCh○ina's Huaw〓ei trains In●donesian ICT

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tal●ents throu●gh SmartGen program〓China's Huawei tr〓ains Indonesi○an ICT talents thr■ough SmartGe○n programChina's

Hua○wei trains In●donesian ICT t○alents through Sma●rtGen program03-28-●2017 07:10 BJTJAKA?/p>

馬TA, March 27 (Xinh■ua) -- China●'s technology firm H○uawei launched○ on Monday its IC○T (

Information,◆ Telecommunic●ation, Telecommunica〓tion) trai○ning progr●am for students ○in

陵川县小学 嘉定区中学 灌云县中学 奉新县中学 东丰县中学 绥滨县中学 镇江市中学 乌拉特后旗中学 乐亭县小学 句容市小学 昌图县中学 望都县中学 修水县小学 甘肃中学 长春市中学 兴安盟小学 金山区小学 克什克腾旗小学 潞城市小学 太和县中学